We ship All year round, All over America.

Due to the perishable nature of our product we ship our Fish Federal Express Overnight ONLY,
delivered to your door, before 12.00 PM to all major cities in the USA
(Fed Ex Office location near you if extreme cold) or before 4.30 PM to all
other areas.

Please check the Map above to see the cost of shipping.
Saturday Delivery is also available for an additional $16.00 extra charge.
Our shipping days are Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays & Fridays for next day arrival guarantee

For dry goods we ship Fed Ex Ground or Fed Ex Express.

Special shipping costs apply when ordering frozen fish foods. The cost of shipping & handling is based
on destination (2 Days Air), for as many frozen food a box can carry.

We ship frozen food ONLY on Wednesdays for Fridays arrival.

Please note that Frozen Food and LIVE Fish cannot be shipped together, in the event that an
order is placed with both items, the order will be divided in two applying two separate shipping charges.

Getting your new Discus and their Tank-Mates ready for Shipment.
After your order has been placed, and your shipping date has been assigned, we stop feeding your
Fish so they will not pollute the water in the holding bags during the trip, then we start packing all the orders
for that day, and get them ready for
6.00pm pickup.

Your Fish are wrapped with three Grade A plastic bags, each bag is filled with oxygen and then a
sleeping agent is added to the water to keep your fish from using too much oxygen during the trip to you,
once you properly acclimate your fish into your aquarium, they will return to normal (usually in less then 12 hours).

We place all the bags into 3/4 inch Styrofoam boxes, add one or two heating pads per box and
here they are ready for their final journey to your home or office, every box will have inside
your invoice plus all info needed to acclimate your fish and our Return policy.

At 6.00 PM the Fed Ex Truck will arrive to collect all the boxes for the journey to you, if you provided
us with an e-mail you will receive a tracking number directly from Fed Ex.

We offer up to 5 Days LIVE DELIVERY GUARANTEED, and we ship to you only the finest product.
Every customer is very important to us, so In the event that a fish arrives dead or dies in within 5 Days,
please refer to our Policy and follow directions.

Feel free to call 917-304-4334 between the hours of 10.00am to 6.30pm EST, or e-mail us at for any other inquiries.

Methods of Payment:
Visa – MasterCard – Amex – Discover – Paypal – Money orders – Certified Checks.
Credit Cards are accepted from our secure site in the shopping area,
or if you prefer, over the phone, at your convenience.