Here are some simple instructions to help you with your new and beautiful Fish.

1. Place the closed bags into the aquarium – wait about 10 minutes for the temperature to be adjusted and turn the lights off.

2. Open each bag and add one cup of water from your Aquarium, wait about 10 minutes and repeat the process two more times.

3. Release the fish into your aquarium, keeping the lights still off and let the fish get used to their new home.

4. Be patient, as It will take eight to twelve hours for them to adjust and then you can give them their first feeding. Frozen bloodworms are an excellent first choice.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Remember, your fish will be sedated and at times they will tend to lay flat on the bottom of your tank or hide for the first 12 hours…. Don’t worry, it is a normal behavior. Discus Madness guarantees live delivery up to 5 Days from the moment you receive the shipment. If any fish arrives dead or die within the 48 hours period, DO NOT DISCARD THE FISH – email us a photo of the casualty right away. It is possible that we will need for you to send it back to us (at our expense) for proof of reimbursement.
Please read our Return Policy in full and follow our directions!

Always Remember: Anytime you receive new fish, it is wise to quarantine them in their own tank for two to four weeks. All hoses and nets should be kept separate or soaked in a Clorox solution, making sure to rinse thoroughly. Before adding new fish to your existing stock, it is always wise to introduce a resident fish to the new arrivals. After one or two weeks, if all fish remain healthy, they can then be safely added to your existing stock.

Medication: Most of the times you will not need this but keep some Anti fungus medication that will not damage your biological filter, Triple Sulfa Powder or E. M. Erythromycin always works well for us. Monitor all your Fish and follow directions before using.

Water Parameters

Discus and their Tank-mates are very susceptible to water quality, however, they can thrive quite well in PH from 6.0 to 7.5 – hardness from 50 ppm to 300 ppm and temperature of 81 – 88 F, as long as changes are not drastic, they will do just fine. Keep up with a minimum of one water change per week, 25% to 30% of tank volume and replace with aged water of the same parameters. With proper feeding and water changes your precious Fish will give you years of enjoyment. With time, in case water from your Aquarium will evaporate and cause the Hardness level to increase, just add R/O water or distilled water to the tank a little at a time until it’s back to normal (Provided by your local pet store).

– Mathias Scaglia

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