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Discus fish are the “royalty” of fresh water fish. At Discus Madness, we are breeders and suppliers
of hand-selected disease-free Discus. Our showroom is located in Union County New Jersey, just
20 minutes from New York City.

We offer a very large selection of Discus fish and their freshwater fish tankmates.
All of our fish are Grade A quality and hormone free. We strive to provide you with the widest
array of aquatic products to maintain and care for our Discus fish and aquariums.
One product of notable mention is our very own color enhancing fish food, fortified with
only the finest natural additives.

To purchase this custom-blend fish food and other aquatic products,
please click here or check our food and product sections on the main shop page.

At Discus Madness, we specialize in Planted Discus Aquariums.
We offer full aquarium installation and maintenance services in both residential
and commercial settings within a 50 mile radius of Union, New Jersey.
We work with you to customize a maintenance plan that suits your needs and schedule.

We have more than 40 years of experience in Discus breeding and
care as well as more than 25 years of experience in tropical aquarium set up and
maintenance. We specialize in the creation of three-dimensional tank backgrounds,
utilizing a variety of stones, driftwood, petrified wood and slate, which provide a
very natural environment for fish and beautiful tanks for our clients.

About Our Discus Selection

We almost always have in stock at least 25 – 30 different strains of Discus.
Here is a list of some of our most popular sellers:

• Blue Pearl Diamonds
• Red Dragons
• White Rabbit Albinos
• Super Cobalt Green Hue
• Deep Red Turquoise
• Penang Eruption Leopards
• Apricot Rainbow
• Mother of Pearl Diamonds

Click here to see our full selection of Discus fish.

Discus Tank-Mates

For those that desire more than just a Discus Aquarium, we have a large
selection of Discus tank-mates available to create the perfect tropical fish community.
Just to mention a few:

• South American Ramirezi
• Black Emperor Tetras
• Rummy Nose Tetras
• Harlequin Rasboras

Click here to see our full array of Discus companions.

Why choose Discus Madness?

Please check out our Photo Gallery and Videos to see the effort, care and
expertise we put into all of our work.

Orders can easily be placed online anytime or via telephone at 917-304-4334
during business hours (Monday-Saturday 10:00-6:00 EST)

We welcome visitors to our Central New Jersey showroom, which are by appointment only.
To schedule a visit, Monday-Saturday, please call us at 917-304-4334. Closed Sundays.

Of course, we are always happy to have you visit our showroom and
purchase directly from us if you are in our area.

“One visit to our showroom and we are confident you
will know what the
Discus Madness is all about!”

Happy Fishing,

Mathias Scaglia & the staff at Discus Madness

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