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//Yellow Chubby Rubber Pleco – (Parancistrus Aurantiacus L056Y)

Yellow Chubby Rubber Pleco – (Parancistrus Aurantiacus L056Y)


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The Yellow Chubby/Rubber Pleco (Parancistrus Aurantiacus L56Y) is a rare and beautiful pleco.
This pleco can change from a grey brown coloration into striking golden bodied fish. They can also be found in any state of patchwork coloration in between all gold or all grey.

Currently we have 3 sizes in stock and all are pictured here on this page.
The small are mostly all grey while the mediums are mostly all yellow with a couple having black patchwork spots on their body.
The large are mostly all yellow, though a couple of them also have a few dark patchwork colorations on their body.

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