This Typhoon III EXTREME is a SUPER upgraded version of the basic Typhoon. It is a 5 stage 150 GPD RODI that comes with a higher volume membrane, plus a DI bypass assembly, plus a RO only valve, plus a Senno hand-held TDS Meter, plus a built-in pressure gauge, plus a built-in TDS alarm, plus a dual in-line TDS meter, plus an upgraded catalytic carbon pre-filter, plus a tubing cutter and plus a float valve ($175 in additional value over the Typhoon ).

Every Typhoon and each of the 7,500 of them made since 2001 are all equipped with a Fast Flush Flow restrictor and an ASOV for automatic top off. We introduced the ASOV to reefkeeping in 2001. The Typhoon unit comes pre-assembled with the filters and membrane installed. Your unit is pressure tested with 65 psi water. The filters and membrane are installed the day we ship. You only need to make three plumbing connections and you are done. Just connect to your source water, waste water and then enjoy zero TDS water, Zip, Zero, Zilch, Nada. NO TDS.

This is the famous Typhoon III on steroids, bigger better, and with even more features!

This top of The Line TDS assassin produces up to 150 gallons per day!

The De-ionization filter then reduces the TDS to ZERO!

This EXTREME Unit comes with EVERYTHING included!

Width: 22″ x Height: 15″ x Depth: 5.5″

20 pounds

$35 Flat Rate Shipping (NO EXPRESS SHIPPING)