Synodontis Eupterus – Featherfin Catfish


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Featherfins are great additions to community tanks that house LARGER fish. The addition of caves and branched driftwood will allow for more patrol surfaces and several featherfin can be housed together. As with any fish, the tank water should always be clean and at a balanced pH (7-8.5),  water temperature 72 to 80 °F. The absolute minimum tank size should be 30 gallons, with some large enough caves for the synodontis to hide in.
These catfish are omnivorous and should be given a good quality flake food as the staple, or sinking catfish pellets. An occasional feeding of spirulina flakes or algae wafers would ensure the vegetable part of their diet. They will also readily accept live foods as well. They should be fed just before the lights are turned off, because, like most catfish, it is nocturnal.

These bottom dwelling Synodontis catfish should have their own territories. Best kept with larger fish such as gouramis, geophagus, and the like. This is a perfect bottom dweller for rift lake cichlid aquariums. In some African cichlid tanks the other inhabitants may nibble the long dorsal streamers of the catfish.
While a peaceful fish, can be an aggressive eater and not an ideal tank-mate with discus, esp when older.

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