Pearl Gourami


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These fish reach about 4.7 in.
The body is a brownish-silver color, covered in a pearl-like pattern with a distinct black line running from the fish’s head, and gradually thinning towards the caudal fin. This fish has given rise to many popular names, such as the lace gourami and the mosaic gourami.Male specimens of this fish, are generally larger and more colorful than their female counterparts. They exhibit bright orange colouring around the throat region, which during breeding time becomes much brighter and is used to court the female. Males also exhibit somewhat of an orange tinge in their fins, with the exception of the tail fin. The male also has longer fins, with a more pointed dorsal fin and extended anal fin rays.
Reaching a max size of 4″, these fish are also great eaters and well become accustomed to any food you wish to feed your aquarium. If you want to offer a very well rounded and healthy diet, off foods such as lettuce, cooked peas, and spinach as part of a varied diet with flakes, pellets, worms, and etc…


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