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Red Belly Piranha (juveniles have yellow fins) – Pygocentrus nattereri – CURRNELTY UNAVAILABLE

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Piranhas are illegal in a number of U.S. states.

It is LEGAL to own piranhas in some states including Michigan, New Hampshire, Delaware, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Jersey, North and South Dakota, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Vermont, West Virginia, Wyoming and Wisconsin. The state of Ohio allows piranhas for purchase, but some cities and counties in Ohio have prohibited them. We can and will ship to these states.

Their sale and possession is BANNED or HEAVILY REGULATED in Alabama, Alaska, California, New York, Arizona, Arkansas, Hawaii, Florida, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Georgia, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Mississippi, Utah, Texas, Washington, North and South Carolina, Oklahoma, Ohio (some cities and counties), Virginia, Idaho, Connecticut and Massachusetts. We cannot sell or ship piranhas to most of these states.

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