“Everything your snails and shrimp need to live a happy life in one square.”
Suitable for snails, neocaridina/caridina shrimp, crayfish, crabs and plants.

Every fish tank is unique in terms of its stocking, bioload, and food consumption. The amount of calcium powder added to an aquarium will vary depending on how many plants/crustaceans you house.
However, a basic rule of thumb is:
A pinch of calcium per every 5 crustaceans every few days.
For larger colonies (30+), 1/4 teaspoon can be added.
The Calcium Powder is not harmful to your aquarium – feel free to use your own dosages, though keep ammonia, ph, and water hardness in mind.


  • Keeps Snail and crayfish shells beautiful and strong
  • Slightly hardens the water, ideal environment for snails
  • Adds minerals to the water column
  • Does not foul up the water
  • Helps plant growth
  • All Natural
  • Encourages shrimp and snail breeding
  • Greater protein value than any calcium powder on the market
  • Aids shrimp in molting
  • Added spirulina for a A+++ Nutrition

Calcium carbonate and Spirulina


The calcium powder is not to be used as a staple food. It is a nutritional supplement.