The ista Premium Aluminum CO2 Cylinder Set, 1.0L, is a complete CO2 including a full CO2 cylinder (1.0L), supporting base, regulator, diffuser, bubble counter, check valve and flexible tubing. The ista CO2 cylinder safety standards are approved by the Technical Inspection Association. The supporting base keeps CO2 cylinder in position avoiding any potential damage to the CO2 regulator. The regulator provides a constant and reliable CO2 dosing rate, and the CO2 diffuser and bubble ccounter provide clear CO2 bubble readings and quality diffusion. The stainless spring-design check valve assures reliable backflow. The fastening node assures the air tube will be securely fastened.


Complete CO2 system that includes a full CO2 tank


  • 1 cylinder (1.0L) full weight pressurized CO2 liquid. American CO2 valve thread size CGA 320.
  • 1 cylinder supporting base
  • 1 CO2 regulator
  • 1 CO2 diffuser
  • 1 Bubble counter
  • 1 spring check valve
  • 1 flexible tube