CarbonDoser EXT5000 (External Reactor 5000)

For the successfull, efficient introduction of CO2. For aquariums up to 1000 gallons. (or any aquarium with a cannister filter/overflow/remote pump system.

Even though this Reactor is adequate for aquariums up to 1000 gallons, we still highly recommend it for ALL aquarium (with an external filter or pump system) no matter what the size…

All other “inline” reactors rely completely on the flow from the filter…if the flow is not the correct speed, the reactor will not be efficient. This does NOT rely on the filter pump volume, instead includes an internal pump which creates high turbulance of the water & CO2 within the reactor, thereby creating 100% dissolution of the CO2. The design ensures that CO2 can NOT leave the reactor until 100% disolved in the water

We invented and patented this reactor, you will not find a more efficient reactor anywhere

(please indicate Inside Diameter of hose needed. 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, or 1 inch.)

Includes everything you need for installation.

Watch closely at the video: This is a perfect example of how ineffecient and wastefull both glass & ceramic diffusers are. (remember, plants can NOT use CO2 while it is still a bubble. For a plant to absorb CO2, it MUST be totally dissolved (sparged) in the water) If you can see the CO2 bubbles rise to the surface, they’re gone and totally wasted.