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The peaceful Boesemani Rainbow is a schooling fish that does best in a planted aquarium with plenty of room to swim. The aquarium should have a gravel substrate that may aid in intensifying the colors of the fish if a dark gravel is used.

An egg layer, Melanotaenia boesemani spawns on moss throughout several days. The fry hatch after six or seven days and require small pieces of live food.

Although the Boesemani Rainbow has a large mouth, its throat tends to be narrow. Foods fed should not be too large. The Boesemani Rainbow is an omnivore and should eat a mixed diet of prepared flakes, frozen, and live foods, keep a minimum of 4 as they are fun to watch interact with each other

Very good companion for Discus but only if kept in large aquariums (75 gallons and up) as they can be very aggressive eaters and can spook your Discus at feeding time.

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