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Albino Lemon Yellow Diamond


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Medium (3" - 3.5") $119.00
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Large (4" - 4.5")Not currently available
Small (2" - 2.5")Not currently available
Extra Large (5" - 6"+)Not currently available


These little guys are a cross from our old Lemon Yellow Diamond and the White Rabbit Albino strain. The great thing about introducing the albino genetics into the mixture is that it removes the black peppering that was commonly associated with Lemon Yellow Diamond Discus. Truly a beautiful fish!

**IMPORTANT NOTE: All albino & yellow discus fish coloration will be impacted by colored food. We recommend feeding albino & yellow discus our DM Yellow Beefheart Mix which is enhanced with yellow chlorophyll, to keep that unique albino/yellow coloration.
Feeding albino & yellow discus any red colored foods such as tetra bits, pellets with red enhancing ingredients, or anything with Astaxanthin (red algae) will cause the color of your fish to become more reddish in appearance.**

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Small (2" – 2.5"), Medium (3" – 3.5"), Large (4" – 4.5"), Extra Large (5" – 6"+)

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