“Everything your snails and shrimp need to live a happy life in one square.”
Suitable for snails, neocaridina/caridina shrimp, crayfish, crabs and plants.

Add one calcium square per 5-10 shrimp/snails every two days, or as desired – adding extra supplements will not be detrimental.
Remove any unconsumed squares after 12 hours. Sit back, and enjoy watching your aquatic creatures thrive.


  • Keeps Snail and crayfish shells beautiful and strong
  • Slightly hardens the water, ideal environment for snails
  • Adds minerals to the water column
  • Does not foul up the water
  • Helps plant growth
  • All Natural
  • Encourages shrimp and snail breeding
  • greater protein value than any calcium powder on the market
  • Aids shrimp in molting
  • Added spirulina for a A+++ Nutrition

Green squares: Calcium carbonate, spinach, spirulina, garlic, egg yolk and wheat.
Red squares: Calcium carbonate, spirulina, beet extract, garlic, egg yolk and wheat.