Discus Madness wants you to be succesful as we are with your Aquarium plants, introducing our line of plant supplements.

Iron Plantex + B is a highly concentrated (10,000 mg/L) ferrous iron (Fe+2) gluconate supplement.
Other nutriments: Magnesium – Copper – Manganese – Molybdenum – Zinc – Boron.

Directions: 5 ml (1 Teaspoon or 1 Capfull) three times a week per 100 gallons not together with Phosphate.
For healthy plants, keep Iron at 0.1 ppm

Other factors to achieve a healty planted aquarium include:

  • Appropriate substrate for root growth
  • Full spectrum lighting at least 12 hours per day
  • Temperature should be between 75-84° Fahrenheit
  • pH between 6.2-7.4
  • Five degrees KH (carbonate hardness)
  • Eight degrees GH (general hardness)
  • CO2 levels as high as possible, but lower than 40 mg
  • Low to zero surface turbulence to help retain CO2
  • 25% water changes every week