Sponge filters are indispensable for any hobbyist or breeder. These dense foam sponges can harbor incredible quantities of beneficial nitrifying bacteria.
Use them anywhere you keep fish, one or two in small aquariums or multiples in larger tanks. Always keep extras going in your tanks, to speed up the cycling of new tanks just by moving a mature sponge.
An inexpensive remedy for overcrowding or inadequate filtration may be as simple as adding 1 or 2 Sponges!
You will only need an air stone, air tubing and an air pump to make it work.

Sizes Available:

DB PSBF 20 Sponge Filter, Up to 20 Gallons
DB PSBF 30 Sponge Filter Up to 40 Gallons
DB PSBF 40 Sponge Filter Up to 80 Gallons
DB PSBF 50 Sponge Filter Up to 125 Gallons