Custom Aquarium Setups & Maintenance

The Aquarium of your dreams…
All the enjoyment, without the time or trouble!

Why Discus Madness?

At Discus Madness, we do it all…

· Free Consultation and Estimates

· Complete Setup & Maintenance

· Custom Styles & Decors

We will also create an aquarium community.
Our artistic and design skills will ensure that your new aquarium
community will exceed your expectations.

Did you know that doctors around the world are prescribing aquariums as a relaxing therapy?
You may also notice that planted aquariums are appearing more and more frequently in
hospitals and doctor’s offices all over America.

So to truly live stress free, let us take the first step for you, with one of our beautiful set ups.
Enjoy the natural beauty of the most magnificent and exotic Discus in the world in the
comfort of your own home or office. Every aquarium is set up as a community,
or just as a Discus aquarium.

We follow the needs of the fish and plants to create a habitat that helps make their
behavior as close to their nature as possible.

We even take the stress of maintaining it, away from you, so you can just sit back, enjoy
the view and do what you really like, with your free time.

When clients and customers enter, does your company reflect stability, quality and style?
A complete aquarium from Discus Madness, designed specifically for your workplace,
demonstrates the care and attention to detail for which your company is known.

The living beauty and elegance of a Discus Madness aquarium provides a graceful first
impression and a soothing, productive work environment.


Your home is your refuge… A place to unwind, share precious family time, be with friends.
After a long, busy day, there is something unique and peaceful about an aquarium.
Especially a custom-designed Discus Madness creation.

For children, an aquarium provides a window into a fascinating natural world.
Kids may need a break from the amplified, commercial-saturated hype of today’s
environment even more than we do!

But even putting together an ordinary “fish tank” can be a daunting, time and labor-intensive task.
Eliminate the hassles of owning a gorgeous aquarium. With our guaranteed expertise, your home
will feature a breathtaking new focal point.

Extensive knowledge of available frames, tanks, canopies, etc.
Huge selection of aquarium types and sizes: corner tanks, bow fronts (curved glass), etc.
Large selection of available tank/frame colors and finishes: oak, walnut, black, marble, etc., to match any decor
Discus aquariums: custom design, with compatible fish and plants
Custom-created three-dimensional rock and driftwood backgrounds



Discus Madness will order, deliver and set up everything needed: base, tank, canopy, lights,
filter, heater, gravel, background materials, plants and fish!

Weekly / Monthly Maintenance to include:

Weekly/Monthly Service to include:

· Water changes ** Plants pruning and re-arranging ** Plant Feeding ** Glass cleaning
· Gravel vacuuming.
· Checking and correcting water parameters (PH, hardness, ammonia, nitrates,
nitrites, contents of iron, CO2)
· Filter maintenance
· Tubing maintenance
· Check health of fish
· Refill CO2 cylinders
· Give instructions on how to maintain a healthy environment.
· Changes of media pouches

You are guaranteed worry-free enjoyment of your new
custom-designed tropical aquarium.

We will also create an aquarium community.
Our artistic and design skills will ensure that your
new aquarium community will exceed your expectations.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is consultation?
One half hour.

Are you available on weekends for consultations?
Saturdays Only

How long would the set up take for a brand new aquarium?
Upon signing of contract, components are ordered together with the tank.
First Week: Tanks arrive to the warehouse and 3-dimensional design begins.
One week later: Tank is delivered to clients’ home/office and set up & filled with water
Third Week: Tank has to sit and be conditioned for one week to assure that all components are working properly.
Forth Week: After that one week of conditioning, Aquascaping begins with live plants and a few bottom feeders.
Three weeks after the aquascaping begins, Discus or any other delicate fish may be added to the tank.

Can I use my own Aquarium to create an Aquascaping like that?
Yes, for Aquariums larger then 125 Gallons, we need to build it on location, for smaller sizes,
we bring them back to our warehouse and complete the Background there.

Can I get an Aquarium without 3-dimentional background?

Do you only handle Discus?
We also offer a different selection of Tropical fish instead of Discus.
We supply Angels -Tetras – Corydoras – Gouramis – Killifish – Ramirezi – Plecostomus, just to
mention a few. You can take a look at our current stock selection on the shop page. We can also do
special orders for those fish that we don’t normally stock.

What size aquarium should I purchase to accommodate my fish?
The general rule is to allow at least one gallon of water per inch of fish. You should also purchase an
aquarium that will allow your fish to comfortably turn around in the tank. Once these requirements
have been met, the size and shape of the aquarium is largely a matter of personal choice. We offer tanks
in a wide range of sizes and shapes to compliment any décor.

What are my responsibilities?
We only need you to feed your fish once or twice a day, relax and enjoy your beautiful setup.

What about maintenance?
We provide and recommend maintenance once a week, for Discus Aquariums,
or once every two weeks for non Discus community Aquariums.
If you don’t feel comfortable with us in your home wile you are at work, we can
arrange our schedule around your availability.

Can I get references of your work?
We’ll gladly put you in contact with some of our many happy costumers.